Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone Sleeps in the End

After a recent vacation to the little town of Charleston, 18th century pirates have been occupying my mind. And not just any old pirates, but ghost pirates. I've never really believed in ghosts before until me and my mum took a dungeon tour in Charleston where I had my first encounter with what might be a ghost. We were first walking in the dungeon, one of the chains on the handrail began to vibrate but originally I didn't think much of it until afterwards when i realized there's no wind in a sealed dungeon. As we moved alongside the tour guide I felt a sharp pinch on my bottom, when I looked behind me no one was there and I could feel that pinch for about up to 30 minutes after. Was it just the power of suggestion or a dead pirate looking for booty in the afterlife I don't know but I'm loving their style.
Here I paired a summer maxi dress with a skull scarf and a turban for a fun pirate-y themed look which was cool and comfortable to go down the streets of Toronto this afternoon

{Dress- Forever 21/Shoes-Jeffery Campbell/Scarf-Black Market/Purse-Narnia/Glasses-Ray Bans/Hat-Urban Outfitters}

The Toronto Doll