Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the Move

And so another day of flying around from appointment to appointment began and i went everywhere from doctors, to dentists, to chiropractors, to hair dressers, to malls, and more!In order to do all this though, I had to make sure I was dressed warm for the bone chilling -13 degree weather, comfortable for running to each appointment, and chic in order to avoid looking like an eye sore on the beautiful streets of Yorkville in Toronto. 
I completed this challenge by throwing together a loose cashmere t-shirt with a roomy pair of harem pants to almost make it feel as if I were at home lounging on the couch with Ben&Jerry's chocolate ice cream. To keep it from feeling sloppy I added a velvet blazer, 1 inch heels, and warm socks to play with some color. But, the item that absolutely has saved my life throughout the duration of the day is my fur backpack! It's more comfortable to carry then a purse and can fir everything from my shopping bags, my camera, and all my daily essentials! I have no doubts that this soon will be the only bag I carry!

(Pants-Wilfred/Shirt-Wilfred/Blazer-Armani Exchange/Socks-American Apparel/Bag-Urban Outfitters/Shoes-Zara/Hair-Blyss salon)

The Toronto Doll


  1. Great outfit.
    Ohh and I really love this beige outfit on your blog,too :)
    Your blog is great!!

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