Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun with Fur

So as another semester comes close to an end culminating tasks and exams are raining down upon the student body and I. For my photography class we had to shoot photos ion the style of a famous photographer that we have researched. My partner in crime, Blair, and I quickly snatched the two best fashion photographers on the list Nick Knight and Herb Ritts. Today we decided to cover Blair's project and do photos representing the infamous Nick Knight. I modeled, she photographed and this is what we got. 

Here we have a metallic dress paired with a voluminous fur coat that screamed high fashion!

The Toronto Doll


  1. the fur coat....
    you look great!!!!

  2. great photos! the dress and coat is fabulous. good luck in class!

    Beneath the Glass

  3. awesome coat! and that eye shadow looks great on you.. I like your style, stay cool..

  4. I really *heart* your blog! Your looks are so inspiring!

    Jenny @vpv