Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reminiscing on that Sunshine State of Mind

It's been about approx 3 days since my safe return from Del Ray Beach, Florida and it's easy to say I wish I never left! There must be something in the water down there because not only was the sunshine pleasant but overall throughout the duration of my stay , I just felt lighter and happier as a person. As for here in Canada? Not so much. With storm warnings every other day my mood has been weighed down with icy temperatures, lack of things to do, and well, icy temperatures. So Today I decided to bring back some of that "Sunshine State of Mind" with my red silk blouse paired with my striped sweater for a fun nautical feel with my peep-toe wedges! To help blend this Southern look with  a bit more of a city girl feel I added liquid leggings, a beret for the cold, and a fun bow tie!

{Sweater-Lauren by Ralph Lauren/Blouse-Jones New York/Leggings-Wilfred/Shoes-Tootsies/Bow Tie-American Apparel/Hat-American Apparel}

The Toronto Doll 


  1. Oh gorgeous outfit<3 Maybe we could follow each other if you like?


  2. I love to say I am a big fan of that hat! I have like 6 or 7 different knitted versions of that style. Over all you look great! It flows with great color contrast and you wear it well!

    We miss sun so badly here in upstate NY. Summer please come!

    Emily (Emily and Brit of Zhoozh Brand)