Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dolce&Gabbana Fall Winter 2011-12 Fashion Show Highlights

Though most of us are still worried about getting our necessities for the upcoming spring, in the go-go world of fashion were already worried about next winter! As much as I was looking forward to some sun, after browsing through D&G's upcoming fall winter line, I'm already dreaming of next winter. The collection was full of both androgynous and feminine pieces using a variety of fabrics and patterns such as lace, animal print, chiffon, fur, sequins, and a black and white star pattern which often reappeared throughout the show.  I'm especially loving D&G's rigid, oversize boxy blazers and vests with the playful and daring fabrics! Overall I can tell next year is going to be kick-a** already!

The Toronto Doll

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