Monday, May 23, 2011

Betsey Johnson Jacket

 After 7 months of what felt like a new ice age, the sun has finally popped out from underneath the clouds and lent us a little warmth which can only mean one thing.. Summer shopping! With a little encouragement from the rainy weather report, I devoted this week to summer shopping around the beautiful stores on Queen St. and Yorkville tearing through every sale rack in sight! Finding a nice item in a sales rack I find is very similar to a thrift shopping, most of the time you find nothing, but sometimes you score BIG. This was exactly the case with my new Betsey Johnson sailor jacket! It was originally priced at $360 but, I picked this up for an extra $100 off.
To go with the regal vibe of the golden buttons on the jacket, I added my fun "royal wedding" hat and a long red skirt to play up the regal and the nautical feel of the garment.

{Jacket-Betsey Johnson/Skirt-American Apparel/Hat-Drama Queen/Shoes-Zara/Purse-Narnia}

The Toronto Doll


  1. WHat a great steal for 100$ off. This weekend I'm going to Las Vegas and one of my first stops is the Betsey Johnson store. I love everything. Cute a great ensemble, you look gorgeous.


  2. It looks great! :)

  3. i saw this on lookbook and just had to come visit your blog!! you really look sooo lovely. that hat is awesome. and what a perfect skirt

  4. I've just seen you on lookbook and I have to say that I loove your outfits and your blog!:)
    You've got a new follower

    greets from germany :)