Thursday, November 18, 2010

Imprinted Lights

Instead of hitting the books today, my media arts class was sent on a field trip to the national film board! We watched an eye opening movie on the subject of remixes and if that is indeed plagiarism or a new form of art and how ideas have now become property. The film had some wonderful insights and talked also about the artist GIRL TALK and his mixes are made. For lunch we split off around the downtown area and went vintage shopping (Store pictured above) with my friends!
Knowing there would be much walking to do i came prepared with 1 inch heels and this seasons army green cargo pant! I added to this look with my Sebastien Tellier T-Shirt and my Rodarte inspired knit for some extra playfulness!

(Black heels- Zara/Green Cargo pants- J Brand/ T-shirt- American Apparel/Sweater- Wilfred/ Hat-Evy's head)

Later on we headed down to the AGO! we weren't supposed to take photos, but I won't tell if you don't;)
(from right to left: Evy, Nathalie, Me, Agnes, Shelbi)

The Toronto Doll

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