Sunday, November 21, 2010

Memoirs of Summer

After being down at the Bedouin Soundclash concert at The Sound Academy I can't help but think of the ocean front and one of my favorite summer memories. Over the summer as all my best friends finally came back from their family trips to Europe and re-united in Toronto, Ari, Julia, Helen, and myself headed down to Center Island for the day to enjoy the lake from the view of the bar and chain smoke Dunhills like there was no tomorrow.
Thinking back on it I can't help but miss the days of warmth and the beautiful view from the harbor front which inspired my outfit today,In spirit of summer i took my salior-like crop top and paired it over my favorite red dress for a fun nautical vibe and topped it off with simple socks, great heels, and the purse i wore on that very day!

(Crop top- Vintage/Dress- American Apparel/Sock-Mom's Closet/Heels-Zara/Purse-Urban Outfitters)

The Toronto Doll


  1. Super cute!
    Very nautical schoolgirl!

  2. ou, I very very like UR blog :*
    is cute and nice !

    follow me and write comment, if U want ;**

  3. you look your dress.I wish I could wear a dress that short and look as good as you do in it.I love,love the white socks with those cute shoes!

  4. This is so adorable !